With decades of experience in all aspects of wet and dry trades, and through established relationships with port authorities, terminal operators and service providers, we are able to ensure a speedy turnaround for vessels with minimum delays.

We place a strong emphasis on services levels to ensure that Principals are consistently provided with world-class port agency services. Marperita aims to add-value by striving to go beyond the traditional Agency services.

Long-Term Vessel Documentation Management

Marperita shall provide a full documentation service on entry and exit into Mozambique for vessels entering and exiting Mozambique on a temporary or permanent basis in accordance to the same standard procedure in place for all vessels entering and exiting the country.

Similarly, Marperita will also maintain the documentation up to date and liaise with the relevant institutions on a frequent basis during the vessels’ stay in Mozambique.

“One-Off” Vessel Entry & Exits

Includes all communication ad formalities with related authorities for the entry and exit of the vessel. Including all arrangements with Customs, Inahina, Admar, CHAEM, CFM and/or Cornelder.

In addition Marperita will be responsible for the arrangement of berthing, pilotage and tug assistance if necessary. The service will also include the handling of payments to all local suppliers.

Crew Changes

Marperita will provide a full support service for crewmembers entering and exiting Mozambique.

This includes:

  • Meet and greet at the airport/vessel by Marperita’s protocol employee
  • Immigration assistance at the airport and the port where all crew members are required to be present in person at the immigration office on arrival and departure
  • Baggage assistance (handling and tracking lost/delayed baggage with delivery to the vessel on arrival)
  • Organization of Shore Passes
  • Hotel Bookings when necessary
  • Transport to the vessel/airport/hotel

Customs Clearance Assistance

Marperita will provide a turnkey clearing & forwarding service for equipment, materials and spare parts for the project.

The service includes liaising with a local Customs Clearing Agent (“Despachante”) and process monitoring.

The service includes customs clearance, where documentation fees and any additional customs charges, guarantees, bonds etc., will be invoiced at cost.

Handling and transportation to the site will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis once specifications are received.

Cargo Clearing Services

The service includes clearance and in-port assistance regarding timing and scheduling of events, customs and port authority communication, locating and overview of loading of cargo, assistance with the Kudumba process and Port Exit, communication with transport company, and physical accompaniment of the clearing process.

Additional Vessel Assistance

Victuals Management: the supply and management of shipchandling, including communication with supplier, purchase order and quotation reconciliation, supply coordination with vessel and suppliers, facilitating timely delivery, conflict resolution, delivery not reconciliation, payment processing, and managing supply from inception to delivery.

Bunkering Coordination

Marperita will organist the request for bunker services, including payment if and when necessary as a procurement service. During the supply, Marperita monitors and coordination the bunker survey at source and vessel, coordination with ADMAR, and port authorities, as well as total management and synchronization with other third parties.

Procurement Service

Marperita will assist in sourcing of product, payment processing, purchase order verification, all communications with supplier and delivery of product.

Medical Assistance

Identification and co-ordination of a doctor (general practitioner) in the event a staff member is unwell; Accompaniment to the local hospital and/or other health services if required; Purchase and delivery assistance of medicine at local pharmacies, includes up-front payment of hospital, doctor and/or medicine bills.

Management Services

In order to facilitate local transition, Marperita engages in a variety of management services, often catered to the clients necessities. These services may include:

Human Resource Management

Salary payment, workers insurance, contract legalities, social security, tax deductions, bonuses, employee absences.

Accommodation Management

Marperita will enter into house rental agreements with landlords on behalf of the client if requested. Marperita will manage all documentation as will the sealing of the contracts at the Ministry of Finance and the payment of monthly taxes.

Marperita will liaise with the landlords and will be the only required point of contact. Similarly, Marperita will liaise with service providers such as plumbers and electricians, where direct costs incurred will be invoiced at cost. Cleaning staff will be arranged on request, either on a full-time basis per house (see labor supply section) or alternatively Marperita can centrally co-ordinate house cleaning.

Utilities & Communication Management

Marperita will contract electricity, water, telephone (fixed and mobile) and Internet services on behalf of the client if needed. Upon request Marperita will contract similar third-party services as required, on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Services

Immigration Assistance

This service is provided in conjunction with other Marperita services on an ad-hoc basis, usually performed depending on the client’s specific requirements.

Services may include: Airport immigration, visa extensions, temporary and/or long term work permit applications, Residency visas, etc.

Consulting Services

Marperita can provide case specific advice and problem resolution recommendations from different levels of specialized consultants.

Sub-Contracted Labour Services

Marperita will contract staff and labor who will work under the direction of the client, these employees will remain in the employ of Marperita at all times.

Marperita will identify, screen, recruit and manage the staff and labor, when possible. All documentation (contracts, taxes, social security etc.) and HR issues will be handled by Marperita. All staff supplied by Marperita will have the legal right to undertake the work in scope, receive all benefits entitled to them under Mozambican law, and will be legally registered in the respective Government departments.