Services & Business Development

Marperita has successfully managed and provided services for a wide range of local and international companies throughout its existence, acting as both a direct service provider as well as market integrator.

Coordination with partners and clients alike has allowed Marperita to enjoy continued success and maintain a reputable and worthy image in the industry benefitting from privileged market positioning.

We place a strong emphasis on service levels to ensure that clients are consistently provided with world-class services, going beyond traditional ad-hoc service-based organizations with emphasis on building trust with clients and supply chain service providers.

Labor Supply: Manning Services

Marperita’s labor supply services are primarily focused on manning our clients vessels with the highest quality seamen Mozambique has to offer. In a volatile industry we provide stability, transparency and quality human resource management to provide seamless local crew integration.

Marperita believes in localization through training up crew and encouraging them to grow within our client’s ranks. Our Team is committed to regular monitoring and equity protocols to ensure that only the most effective and committed employees endure.

Our offers include payroll management, labor contract management, legal and insurance administration, certification and training delivery, amongst others.

Marperita is also able to provide on shore staff for maritime related ventures, as an added value service for principal clients.

Ad-Hoc Project Support: Consultancy

Marperita is a project focused service provider with several areas of expertise among its Team. Consultancy services have ensured the success of several large-scale projects, such as Vale do Rio Doce, Sasol, VanOord, AMSOL, Audex, Konecranes, Sealite, CFM, Smit Lamnalco and Cornelder.

In this regard we pride ourselves with the ability to lead contract negotiations, tender participation, conducting due diligence which contribute to feasibility of new business developments.

More specifically, we are able to identify industry partners for business development and conduct due diligence on 3rd party suppliers for preferred partnership and procurement selection.

Consultancy services also cover business areas related to legal, clearing and forwarding, procurement, human resources, partner identification and traditional maritime related skills such as surveying, chartering and vessel operations.

Ship Brokering

Marperita has brokered several sales and purchase deals from inception to delivery. On a turn-key basis, both in the role of sellers and buyers agents, Marperita's brokering service follows the sale process closely and shares risk and responsibility with business stakeholders in order to ensure the successful completion of the transaction.

Our team has vast knowledge with identifying key industry partnerships to ensure successful completion of the deal.

More specifically Marperita’s capability in securing all banking requirements, bridging international legal differences, mitigating possible insurance restrictions imposed by differing international regulations, harmonizing crippling CIF versus FOB requirements levied by different entities, which leads to mitigation of several project –specific restrictions.

Marperita’s proficiency providing brokering services to both large MNCs and government entities alike, has contributed to a successful track record of prosperous deals and trusted industry partnerships.