JGH (Johs, Gram-Hannsen A/S)

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Marperita’s Procurement Services Agreement since 2014, with the JGH Group, have facilitated participation in local tenders. The partnerships provides more efficient due diligence and logistics services, accurate information, and the evaluation, liaison and interpretation of tender involvement with local clients.

In addition Marperita provides turnkey services for the JGH Group through their contract with Emodraga, concerning the training and maintenance services provided for the Macuti Dredger.


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Sealite is a global manufacturer of marine aids to navigation.

The company is headquartered in Australia, with manufacturing and office locations in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Sealite team is dedicated to servicing the marine industry through the efficient design and production of leading-edge products.

Through close working relationships, marine authorities and private customers around the globe now trust Sealite to enhance the safety of their operations.


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Avlite Systems is a technology leader in the design and production of solar-powered aviation lighting equipment.

The company is a world-class manufacturer with a proven reputation for aviation lighting systems specifically designed for defence, government, civil and humanitarian aid operations in the most remote, toughest environments.